Halo 4

For the Halo 4 project my job was to contribute to the environment art. The concepts and most of the textures where already created when I was added to the team. I was given the opportunity to create 3d art from 2d concept drawings. The majority of my time was spent on polishing and optimizing existing assets, creating collision and bug fixing.

In this image, I created the tall radius structures (phalanges). My challenge was to use existing materials and make sure that my design was cohesive with the existing surrounding design.

This is the base of the large center phalanges. (to the right with the circle).

Guardrail I created to match the surrounding design.

In the next three images below, I was given the task to create a transition hallway and light it. I used existing materials and a couple of prefabricated parts which I modified to match the design of the level. (The light was generated using a proprietary engine)

My task in the two images below, was to polish the tree house geometry and light it to compliment the surrounding jungle.

This image is a design concept of a UNSC aircraft launch-tube I was asked to create. (It was not added to the final release) :(


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