NBA2K 14 & 15

For this image, my job was to create a low-res version of the car. We received a high-res model from outsourcing, and I had to create an optimized version and project normals, albedo, roughness and metalness maps. (Used Xnormals)

For the Arena, my responsibility was to polish assets received from outsourcing Including textures
setup lighting, render lightmaps and adjust shaders for next generation consoles.

In the next set of images, my responsibility was as follows:

  • Designed and created scenes at real world scale from concept sketches (Massing and some detail).
  • Selected an architectural style for the outlying buildings, gathered reference images and prepared the files for outsourcing.
Once received from outsourcing:
  • Polished textures and materials
  • Placed lights, rendered lightmaps and vertex light
  • Placed markers and add needed attributes for game functionality
  • Optimized scenes to meet performance standards in-game

Jordan Rec Center
My responsibility here was to design and build the scene from start to finish. This included geometry, textures and lighting. (And all of the attributes needed for game functionality as well.)

The following image is a studio set I designed and built for the game loading sequence. This included geometry, textures and lighting (I did not create the characters).

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